Construction Jobs

We are always looking for skilled operators, pipe layers, and laborers to join our team.

Why Work at Areed Excavating?

At A. Reed Excavating we are dedicated to having an environment where our employees can expand their skills and thrive. Our Equipment operators are highly skilled and work in a fast-paced team environment. We take pride in having a close-knit team that gets the job done in the safest and most enjoyable way possible.

Interested In Working For Us?

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We have performed excavation for several large oil & gas companies to properly set up for rig-up, reclamation, pad-work, slip repair and much more.

We have performed excavation many coal mines in and outside of the mine.

We can lay the groundwork for buildings and any type of large scale project.

Do you have equipment but need someone to operate it? We can help. We have a large staff of operators ready to go.

Some excavations require a specific skill set and knowledge of a particular type of excavation. We have the experience and know-how to tackle any job.


Pad Work

We prepare drill sites for rig-up



We perform site reclamation for natural gas and petroleum companies.


Slip Repair

Slopes and hillsides can be a challenge to excavate. We get the job done right.


Farm Excavation

We offer large scale excavation for farming



We provide quick and effective demolition services